ServiceNow Talent & Support 

ServiceNow is one of the most popular and widely adopted ITSM platforms in the world and the ecosystem of partners is slow to keep up. 

Whether you are looking to start a SNOW project, need headcount to augment your staff, would like a dedicated team, break-fix or ongoing support services


OA offers the options that work for you




With SnowCare™, you can create the perfect team, pod, support service 

or both for your specific needs


As a baseline, we offer: 



Application monitoring for uptime on critical must run service

Choose 9x5 or 24x7 in your time zone

Uptime SLA of 95-99.9%

Alerts to TXT, email or ITSM portal

Priority-level based incident escalation

Issue resolution and business hour SLAs

160 hours/month of development included



Continuous weekly performance assessment

Modification recommendations

Tuning and adjustments made

Update, version and patch pre-application impact analysis

Post upgrade assessment and POA for changed environment

* Add 160 hours/month of offshore development



Per occurrence issue resolution as needed without uptime

Issue resolution service

As occurs

Resolution time options

Ad Hoc and daily/hourly progress reporting

Retrospective for future prevention

* Add 160 hours/month of offshore development



Staffed ServiceNow talent onsite, remote, offshore, nearshore



ServiceNow implementation, integration, upgrades executed by Open Ascension in conjunction with your leads

Onsite, remote, offshore, nearshore options

Project-based services in T&M or fixed fee


**Services can be combined or augmented in order 

to ensure the right support for your configuration and needs.


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