Create + Empower a Learning Culture
Cloud-born   Customizable   Extensible   Enterprise Class   Upskill Your Employees   Create a Learning Culture   Become a Sensitivity Compliant Workplace   Onboard with Ease


Never lose important teaching material again with VI-NSIGHT


VI-NSIGHT will help you to keep track of learner progress and ensure that they are meeting performance milestones


VI-NSIGHT seamlessly integrates with all Human Resource Management Systems, Webmail, vCal and more

Unlimited Access

Online, offline, cloud built means login, attend and learn or teach anytime anywhere


Just log in to VI-NSIGHT and make the necessary modifications without redoing your entire course. 

Save Time

Provide learners with the courses they need in a direct and organized manner. Blended learning for them, more expedience for you

Test Assessments

Assess learners with quizzes and assignments. Encourage improvements by providing regular assignments and tasks. Grading is click-easy with automatic grade books and customizable scales.

Virtual Classrooms

Schedule live online meetings and classes as part of their courses.

No extra software or separate licensing required for synchronous live training sessions.

Course Builder 

A powerful set of tools to create and manage engaging online courses. Create multi-topic courses with audio, video and text lessons.


Detailed Reporting 

View and generate reports on activity and participation at course and site level.

User Management

Supports advanced tools for learners and trainer administration Allows tracking and assigning by persona, role and accounts.


Course Planning

Plan content/activities. Control content visibility. Customize content per learner.

...and much much more

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