Frictionless Industry

The Industrial IoT or IIoT segment grows with evolving IoT data analytics, sensor technologies, and high-end connectivity solutions. 

Enhancing industrial operations through remote monitoring and predictive maintenance, IIoT enables modern industrial/MFG organizations to accelerate output, keep pace and predict. 

Manufacturing/heavy engineering companies can implement the Industrial IoT to increase cost-efficiency in internal processes and enhance value to customers. 

Our Industrial IoT solution has integrated cloud computing, IIoT, and AI-based features to up-level your value chain.

Prime IIoT Solutions

Our high-end IIoT solution consists of futuristic technologies including IoT, AI, and Big Data to automate key operations while digitally transforming core processes. Leveraging leading edge technology germane to today's competitive environment. 

Making autonomous plants/factories a reality across all industries.


How Our IIoT Solutions Work 

Solution consists of sensors, PLC/HMI/SCADA/MES, Industrial equip/machine, connectivity, IoT Gateways & Industrial IOT Platform. It gives benefits of IoT network.

Heterogenous machines based on IOT maturity will be retrofitted to extract the data, if need be some sensorization and instrumentation will be done to enable them to communicate to IIOT Platform.

Based on the use case machine PLC/SCADA will be configured for those process and equipment which are required to monitor Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

Industrial protocols and network protocols will be standardized to communicate with the platform in line with predefined KPIs and available data from IoT devices 

IoT gateways  are deployed on site to aggregate, normalize, standardize, and enrich fetched data for the interactive dashboard

The interactive dashboard will be created based on LOB and KPI to track all activities on the shop floor. Our platform can save and analyze the available data for showing reports

Our IIOT platform has an engine that runs logic for process automation and workflow. Data analytics for prediction and actionable insight will be generated based on use case and requirement.

Reports are generated for trends monitoring and historical analysis i.e. OEE, Quality, Productivity, CBM, Predictive maintenance, traceability, energy, etc.

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