Frictionless Healthcare Made Simple
A powerful combination of the Internet of Medical Things and a Cloud-born, 
EHR-centric Integration Platform to create a new era of care


Become a Data-Driven Provider, Payer, Medtech


Real-time Data = Real-time Care = Higher Quality Standards


IOMT Connecting the Dots of Healthcare The Internet of Medical Things (IOMT) devices monitor vital signs, collect biometric information, track medication, automated systems, adherence, and more. By providing a constant stream of accurate and reliable data, IOMT empowers healthcare professionals with actionable insights, leading to enhanced diagnostics, personalized care, and proactive intervention.


iPaaS: Bridging the Data Gap Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) acts as a mediator, ensuring ACCURATE and APPROPRIATE data exchange between ANY software solutions used in healthcare settings eliminating heavy development cycles to see benefit. iPaaS enables interoperability, standardization, and scalability, laying the foundation for data-driven, exacting and TIMELY healthcare operations.


Real-time Data IOMT devices continuously gather patient data, transmitting it securely to iPaaS platforms. Healthcare providers gain access to real-time information, enabling quicker decision-making and timely interventions.


Enhanced Patient Care Integrated IOMT data enriches EHRs with comprehensive patient profiles, including vitals, activity levels, sleep patterns, and medication adherence just to name a few. This holistic view helps providers deliver proactive care WITH LESS RISK, tailored to individual patient needs.


Packaged for adoption we offer boxed/packaged solutions to fit your time, scope and budget. 

We call it Crawl, Walk, Run, Start small, start simple and grow into the automation and your next level. 





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