EHR iPaaS by Founda Health
Faster, Better, Cheaper
Complete Interoperability Without the Expense

New-age   Purpose-built   Cloud-born   Completely extensible

Founda iPaaS unlocks access to all relevant data currently hidden behind multiple non-standardized interfaces, and can move it seamlessly in real time, while aligned with healthcare prevailing standards. 



Real-Time Data Access - Ability to move data efficiently and seamlessly, streamlining internal processes, resource utilization and clinical decision-making.


Resource Optimization - Helping you drive the best in class healthcare outcomes, improving efficiency and focus on value-based outcomes


Secure - Standards-based, zero-trust, safe and secure data exchange. OAuth 2.0 secure protocol for authorization, externally audited SOC 2 Type II certification for data security.


Clinical Information Exchange - Publish and retrieve (clinical) data between data consumers and providers, without dealing with differences between various data providers.


Subscription Management - Process event messages - such as admission, discharge and transfers (ADT) - like HL7v2.x. Founda integrates with the messaging interface on premise, and forwards messages to eligible subscribers.


Patient Identifier Cross Reference Management (to be archived) - Keeps track of patient demographic information and has the ability to link multiple patient identities referring to the same patient. Also facilitates the discovery and transformation of different patient identifiers when data is exchanged.


Audit Record Repository - Provides a standardized way to store and retrieve audit records in a central audit trail. Audit messages are accessible through both the Founda Console as the API.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service for healthcare

All in One clinical data exchange


Distributed and resilient

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