Are you monitoring bots? Checking the transaction logs? Processing the exceptions in transactions? 


Are you monitoring privileges and permissions and password expiration? 


Monitoring Infra – standard Server, Disk, memory, services etc? 


Applying OS patches on production RPA solution servers? AND MORE?



Adopted RPA but don’t plan on making it a core competency?




With BotCare™, you can create the perfect support service for your specific RPA needs. 


We offer: 



  • Bot monitoring for uptime on critical "must run" service
    • Choose 9x5 or 24x7 in your time zone
    • Uptime SLA of 95-99.9%
    • Alerts to TXT, email or ITSM portal
  • Priority-level based incident escalation
  • Issue resolution and business hour SLAs


  • Continuous weekly Bot performance assessment
    • Modification recommendations
    • Tuning and adjustments made
    • Source and target update, version and patch pre-application impact analysis
    • Post upgrade assessment and POA for changed environment


  • Per occurrence issue resolution as needed without uptime
  • Issue resolution service
    • As occurs
      • Resolution time options
      • Ad Hoc and daily/hourly progress reporting
      • Retrospective for future prevention

**Services can be combined or augmented in order to ensure 

the right support for the right bot farm.

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