DEtermine your route to success



The craft is part experience and a large dose of inspiration. More than execution or a need, the key is to challenge the thinking based on many years of use case experience with a broad set of applications, frameworks, and tools to get the job right the first time. Expect us to collaborate and apply best practice to support your vision. 



While the true Agile method works in many cases where the resultant vision is a collaboration and work in process is inherent in the plan, the basis of a hybrid Agile approach is best in practice to maintain time, cost and retain sanity and prevent the never-ending release cycle. 



We know migration is not only about the software its also about the data. It's time to take stock and perform data-cleansing in-migration using automating tools for the bulk and by-hand the rest of the way, adhearing to Open Ascension source-target best practices because we first understand your processes, how the source applications are used, identify the dependencies, the traps and solve gaps before we begin so there are no suprises in flight.



Custom application development is a "framework-up" build advantage with open source. Leveraging a possible 250,000 frameworks to shorten the SDLC and work in Agile, Hybrid-Agile or Waterfall as extension of your team for 

  • Component builds

  • Entire projects

  • Applications

  • Mobile apps

  • Ongoing support




Client project control via staffing is offered as a service option for the listed technologies and lanuages to support your implementation.


Out-staffing  provides a way to build out a team, a footprint facility or a software facotry or your own without the need to be in the location. Leave the recruiting, localized constraints mangement, personnel management and facilities negociation for a small monthly fee. 


Build-Operate-Transfer is also available for after one year. 



QA & Testing services both near and off shore provide an exceptional value to augment your development. Offload the critical but mundain tasks of your build, control the outcome and lower the TCO. Our muti-locational, factory processing approach to programatic testing uses the latest in tools, technologies and scripts building include mobile and alternate device. 




Support services for your existing/to-be, open source applications from Level 2 through 4. Remote and/or onsite via a 12x5 or 24x7 option. Add us to your portfolio to mitigate risk in the short-term during intimation. 



User interface and experience design is part of our mobile first and user centric mentality. We recognize the intimacy and ability of a client's digital agency/agency of record and its own prowess and either lead this or enhance what is already in place as a partner.


Big data

Services ranging from assessment and roadmapping exercise only; to full-cycle implementations/migrations. Depending on the target, the needs are examined and recommendations are provided as a path to success. 


already know what you want and how you want?

We will implement the system per specifications of your design. 



Move to the cloud OR implement in the cloud. All OA solutions are cloud-ready and operate without fail. 

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