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recent news

5/2017 OA adds network/SIEM + diagnostics platform, MotaData to its portfolio

This open source-based, enterprise-ready, network, log, flow management and analytics tool, MotaData, brings a collection of once desperate applications into a single platform for ease of use and advanced analysis with alerts to guard and ensure performance of your brand, your people, your assets and service level. 

2/2017 OA adds open source PIM, Akeneo to its portfolio

Open Source enterprise-ready product information management tool (PIM), Akeneo, brings a robust set of enterprise grade capabilities to support brands, retailers and more. 

2/2016 Open Ascension adds eXo social collaboration portal to its portfolio 
Open Source enterprise social & collaboration platform, eXo, adds the social and collaborative intranet solution sot by many of our clients and, provides a distinct
advantage over other portals in the space with advance "work" features and in-stream productivity that offers a new-age and advanced version of today's typical intranets.