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open source ERp is an option

Modular and open


ERP solutions are undergoing major changes at all levels

morphing into something which now places higher importance on

user experience

real time decisions

embedded analytics




Traditional "big-iron" ERP's gap can be particularly wide

especially with all the dynamics at play today

business processes must change routinely 

and so, competitive advantages are lost to rigidity of old line systems.


Old-line systems designed in the distant past

cannot adapt to the new ways of commerce, communication or control. 


The key to winning with ERP today is both;

modularity  for capturing additive opportunities

and open standards based code that provides a interconnected single system 

with a "snap-in" orientation


Whether a new implementation or a system/technical upgrade, we approach the program with two things in mind;


No one knows their business better than our clients

and, no big bang implementations.

Ensuring that there is proper change management

module by module and, clarity of process and (re)design is incorporated.

Working with Open Ascension will provide business process insight

as well as technical depth to support a more valuable change 


If you are beyond Quickbooks and Netsuite
There are Open Source ERP options that provide all of the capability, 
none of the price tag or overhead of the big-iron options and
allow you to customize specifically to your business without fear of loosing support