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the Changing Face of commerce

how and where we shop and pay

who's involved in the buying decision

and how, is changing..


..and so should we


Today's open source eCommerce suites are designed with millennials in mind. 

They provide the added advantage of being constructed in the new century and provide multi-channel,

multi-currency and multi-social advantages that others don't so you can stay




of the fast paced buying practices


@ Open Ascension, consider alternate markets, geos, uses for product and combine them with

well understood cutting edge concepts like

social shopping

private event retailing

flash retail/selling

to support value creation bapplying prosperous thinking

to our clients vision and goals as a partner in commerce. 



First, we protoype the system as a point of reference and collaboration based on the blueprint we develop ensuring what was undertood is accurate and to facilitate changes that arise.


Once agreed to whether in a moduler plan release or in total, the team begins the implementation of the base modules and test them before going on from there.