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designed at our core to solve for open


We are inspired by the proven open source tools and technologies available today and

what we have accomplished for our clients using them.  


Driven by our belief and passion in open source consulting, championing and

evangelizing its value, merits and capabilities in every conversation

and opportunity.


ever-focused on

ensuring the proliferation of this disruptive paradigm


While our people are the core of our organization, it's the quality of the code, the work

the ethics of our people and, excellence in execution against time that makes us




and a cut above


Our collective is empowering, and designed to give our clients open insight and

put the delivery choice in their hands to create a unique partnership that drives greater value so they can better serve their employees, partners, supliers and customers so they can... 

Solve For Open

better, faster, cheaper and more eligantly than ever before.